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Step 2.

Refreshing spray for winter crops

(in spring)

Whether you have applied bacteria during seed treatment, sprayed germinated crops or used no bacterial preparations at all, we recommend enriching your winter crops with Biomas GROW in the spring. Bacterial spores that enter the soil will establish themselves in the root system, begin to multiply rapidly and feed phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen to plants.

The mixture of bacterial spores present in Biomas GROW has strong nitrogen fixation properties, as well as the release action of insoluble phosphorus and potassium. The “unlocked” elements of the bacteria are easily and efficiently metabolised.

The first spray should be applied in combination with liquid fertilisers (such as KAS, slurry and micronutrients) or plant protection measures. The Biomas GROW microorganisms will help plants absorb fertilisers more efficiently, regenerate faster and regain strength after winter. In farm tests, the yield increase reached 4%/ha even when no bacteria were introduced in the autumn.

Stage 3

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