Stage 1

Introduction of bacteria into the soil

Organic products promote both the formation of young plant roots and the growth of the aboveground parts of plants, creating a long-lasting effect. Bacterial colonies form a “spacesuit” of vitality in the plant’s root system. They trap atmospheric nitrogen and, at the same time, release phosphorus and potassium from insoluble compounds in the soil. Through synergy with the plant, the bacteria further stimulates its growth by secreting various absorbable hormones and acids. An increase in the concentration of good bacteria reduces the proportion of harmful microorganisms, making plants healthier.

Seed treatment

The most cost-effective way is to incorporate bacteria into the soil along with seeds. Spore-forming bacteria are completely resistant to chemical fungicides (chemical seed protection products) baiting. If used on organic farms, the seeds can be treated with microorganisms without chemical fungicides baiting. When buying certified seeds, ask the seller about treatment with BIOMAS microorganisms. Immediately after sowing, the bacteria begin to multiply, rapidly forming large beneficial colonies before seed germination.


Crop spraying after germination

Application of bacteria through spraying is also effective – the spores will move to the plant’s root system and begin to multiply rapidly. Bacteria live and multiply in the soil, so plants should be sprayed in the early phase of germination. By spraying Biomas GROW using the appropriate care procedures, you will help the crops to better prepare for winter, making the wait for spring less stressful. BIOMAS spore suspension can be mixed with plant protection products or liquid fertilizes/microelements/amino acids ect., with no extra runs required. Choose spraying when seed treatment  is not possible or permitted (such as in the case of rapeseed).

Stage 2

Refreshing spray for winter crops

(in spring)

Whether you have applied bacteria during seed treatment, sprayed germinated crops or used no bacterial preparations at all, we recommend enriching your winter crops with Biomas GROW in the spring. Bacterial spores that enter the soil will establish themselves in the root system, begin to multiply rapidly and feed phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen to plants.

The mixture of bacterial spores present in Biomas GROW has strong nitrogen fixation properties, as well as the release action of insoluble phosphorus and potassium. The “unlocked” elements of the bacteria are easily and efficiently metabolised.

The first spray should be applied in combination with liquid fertilisers (such as KAS, slurry and micronutrients) or plant protection measures. The Biomas GROW microorganisms will help plants absorb fertilisers more efficiently, regenerate faster and regain strength after winter. In farm tests, the yield increase reached 4%/ha even when no bacteria were introduced in the autumn.

Stage 3

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